Who dis?

About the company.

Established in 2022, NRS Promotions is a Finnish firm offering party services and equipment to everyone. Our aim is to bring club-like partying to every occasion and place. Our services include rental of the equipment, delivery and assembly of the equipment, and DJ performance. We are located in Jyväskylä Keski-Suomi but offer our services to anywhere within Finland. 

Our slogan says it all. the goal for us is to provide you a pleasant and professional experience and relieve some of the stress of planning a party. Let us give you the tools to have the best time with your friends. 

Weddings, yacht club meetings, cottage parties or the legendary kalsarikännit... You name it! We are always ready to help you or as we say: let us deliver, you go and party!

Yours sincerely

M , J & E

NRS in person.


"More smoke never killed anyone"

Mikko - the gentle giant - is our effect technician. He ensures that lighting is what it should be and that there is always enough smoke to feel like you are at a club. Mikko is currently undergoing training to also be a DJ if needed. 


"why not more bass" 

Jaakko is the head of our PA-systems. He makes sure sound is at the correct level, bass is kicking and your ears will not be hurting the next morning (the headaches are on you). Jaakko will setup the gear needed to the point where you just plug in your laptop/phone and start partying. Don´t hesitate to ask him about PA-systems, he will answer - prepare for a long lecture.


"Every song can be a banger"

Eetu a.k.a "DJ ProspeKt" is responsible of DJ:ing until the sun comes up. Eetu has been interested in music and DJ:ing since he was a kid (unfortunately you cannot go DJ in a club at the age of 10). Eetu plans the music played during the night by sitting down with you and taking notes of the favourite songs of the customers. When Eetu isn't playing music, he for sure can be found from his studio making new music for NRS.