The boring stuff.

Please do read this page throughout. We know you don´t want to but it is important for us. We promise to keep things short...

Operation and safety.

NRS Promotions is not the event organizer and is therefore not responsible for the security or legality of the events. However, NRS Promotions will always review the active restrictions and reserves the right to cancel the rental / performance if this is not permitted within the restrictions given by the Finnish government.

NRS Promotions also reserves the right to terminate the agreement if the safety of our employees is deemed to be compromised. In these special cases, charges will be considered on a case-by-case basis with the responsible person. In principle, in the event that operations are suspended due to our own safety, we will charge the costs incurred up to that point.

NRS Promotions only accepts persons over the age of 18 to book us.

NRS Promotions always alerts the authorities to the scene when they detect violence at events.

Equipment liability for damages.

Prior to the event, NRS Promotions reviews the operating instructions for the use of the equipment with the person in charge. A binding liability agreement is made for the leased equipment. Liability applies to all customer activities that cause aesthetic or functional damage to our equipment.


We recognize that intoxicants are part of the celebratory culture.

However, NSR Promotions fully complies with Finnish law. We do not encourage anyone under the age of 18 to use alcohol, and we hope for the person in charge to ensure that the people at the occasion are over the age of 18.

NRS Promotions does not tolerate the use or sale of intoxicants defined to be illegal in the Narcotics Act (373/2008).